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Welcome Back!

The first full week is behind us, and we're still trying to catch our breath! Here are some of the things we've added to the site recently:

Updated Information

  • We added profiles for the 8 new Charter schools that opened their doors this Fall.
  • We updated profiles for several schools that have new buildings and new principals.
  • We changed the SLPS bell times to reflect the new schedule (most starting/ending 20 minutes later).
  • We updated enrollment counts and racial composition for the public schools including Magnets and Charters.
  • We added data from the recently released 2015 MAP test scores.
  • We don't have the latest MSIP numbers yet, but expect them in October.

In the next few weeks, we'll be sending out our annual surveys to all schools in the region, collecting detailed information to help parents better understand what makes each school special.

Gifted Guide

With the help of several dedicated parents, we've put together some notes on the SLPS "Gifted & Talented" system (a source of confusion for many):

Book Guide

We've also been working on a short list of books we've found interesting and insightful. These have been great at lending perspective as we think about education here in the city:


If you think of anything else we could add that would help city parents, please reply and let us know. In the mean time, spread the word!

Paul Brockmeyer

Paul and his wife Angelee are parents to three little ones. They cohabit with a clutter of spiders in an old fixer-upper in South City. is a guide to schools in the city of Saint Louis; made for parents, by parents.

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