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We’ve Launched!

A big thank you to all the parents that have worked to build this resource. This is only the beginning!

A couple things you can do right now to help:

  • Spread the word – Tell the other parents you know. Every parent in the city deserves to have the best information when choosing a school.
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  • Add reviews – If you have experience with any city schools, please take a few moments to pull up the school’s profile and add a review. First-hand experiences are at least as important as any other metric when evaluating a school.
  • Help us verify school information – The accuracy of our school data is critical. We attempt to profile almost 300 area schools, which requires a lot of time.
    Let us know if you can help.

Read on for the official press release…

New website helps city parents navigate school options

St. Louis offers parents a rich mix of educational options for their children, but navigating those choices can be difficult and confusing.

A new website and online community called STL City Schools aims to fix this, by giving parents easier access to better information. A project of the City Parents League of St. Louis, the not-for-profit website allows parents to filter a comprehensive database of schools by the grade levels served, type of school, educational philosophy, and geographical location. School profiles include photos, video, parent reviews, as well as the latest MAP test scores and the recently released MSIP annual performance scores. It also includes a step-by-step guide to the process of choosing a school.

The site, officially launched on September 2. The STL City Schools database includes all schools in the St. Louis Public Schools district (including magnets), as well as city charter schools, and private schools in St. Louis city and county – 275 school options in total.

“After months of research, making phone calls and onsite visits, it was clear that there are amazing schools of all shapes and sizes here in the city,” said Angelee Brockmeyer, the parent of three children aged 1 to 4, and a former Chicago Public Schools teacher with a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. “The process of finding those schools is just so much harder than it should be.” She and her husband worked with other city parents to create the website to help others navigate the process.

“We found that much of the information available to parents is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete,” Brockmeyer said. She’s helped mobilize a network of volunteers that is currently verifying facts, filling in missing information, removing listings of closed schools and adding new schools as the website continues to evolve.

In the future the school profiles on STL City Schools will be expanded to paint a more comprehensive picture of each school, including more parent reviews, school highlights, long-term trends on enrollment and test scores, and information on extracurricular activities. There is work underway on a discussion forum to allow parents a place to ask questions and share their experience, and a blog to report on the latest city education news.

The organization – City Parents League of St. Louis – behind the site is a non-profit collection of parents committed to raising their families in the city of St. Louis and “improving the city we love.” They hope that giving parents access to better information about educational options will ultimately lead to more families raising their children in the city of St. Louis.

Paul Brockmeyer

Paul and his wife Angelee are parents to three little ones. They cohabit with a clutter of spiders in an old fixer-upper in South City. is a guide to schools in the city of Saint Louis; made for parents, by parents.

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